BGBC supports the development of a better national deep renovation strategy for the existing building stock

BGBC supports the development of a better national deep renovation strategy for the existing building stock

As you know, Bulgarian Green Building Council is of the thirteen European organisations part of the BUILD UPON project. The project is coming to its end, achieving very high results in engaging the stakeholders in the process of supporting the national government for the development of a new strategy for the deep renovation of the existing building stock. Throughout the project BGBC had to collect the opinions of representatives of all stakeholders and their expert points of view on the key challenges and problems associated with the existing national strategy. The main aim was to get the barriers and drawbacks identified and to propose specific measures for their improvement.

As part of the process, BGBC organised seminars on the following key topics: 
     I Building skills and competence amoung various target groups
     II Green public procurement and financial instruments

     III Building skill aiming to increase the capacity and knowledge
     IV Awareness raising 
     V Policies and regulations
   VI & VII Cultural heritage and the national strategy for deep renovations - Sofia and Varna More information on the national and international lectors, as well as the official reports on each workshop can be found at the following links. 








As a result of the seminars, there were collected over 115 recommendations, proposed by experts in the sphere of building renovation, architects, engineers, NGOs, building users, academia and the business, as well as experts from the associated government agencies and ministries. The consolidated results of the project in Bulgaria that will be sent out in a official letter to the Ministry of reagional development and public works, the Ministry of energy and the Sustainable energy development agency can be found here. The aim of these recommendations is to support the development of the national strategy for deep renovation of the existing building stock according to Article 4 of Directive 2012/27/EU of the European Parliament and the Union from the 25 October 2012 related to energy efficiency.


The successful completion of the project is demonstrated by the fact that the seven seminars, orginised by BGBC were attended by over 390 people, representatives of the business, the government and citizens. Over 180 organisations, business representatives, experts from the local and central government, academia and other stakeholders presented their opinions and recommendations, which will be soon sent to the related government institutions. BGBC's campaign to popularise the importance of the national deep renovations and energy efficiency strategy achieved very high results, disseminating the project among over 55,000 people in Bulgaria. 

As a continuation of the project, the consortium of thirteen countries partnering as part of the BUILD UPON project organsies a Call for Action to all participating organisations to support the Common Vision for the renovation of the existing building stock. More information about the Call for Action will be available soon.

More information about the project results can be found at:

· - infromation about the project and its results throughout Europe

· - detailed reports on the workshops in Bulgaria

· - the results of the other project partners

· – the data base platform RenoWIKI

· - news about the project and the work of BGBC

We believe that the BUILD UPON project is very beneficial for our community and we will keep working as a platform between the business, the community and the government, supporting the sustaianble development in Bulgaria!