The second Bulgarian BUILD UPON workshop was held on June 22nd, 2016

The second Bulgarian BUILD UPON workshop was held on June 22nd, 2016

On June 22nd, 2016 was held the second BUILD UPON workshop "Green public procurement and financial instruments for deep renovation of the existing building stock". The second workshop was organized aiming to analyze the barriers related to green public procurement and financial instruments for deep renovation, to propose specific measures how to overcome them, as well as to discuss future funding opportunities. This event was organized in cooperation with the Covenant of Mayors before the C4E Forum - the first conference on energy efficiency oriented towards Central and Eastern Europe (, to which BGBC was a co-organizer along with the European Climate Foundation and Chance for Buildings.

The programme was organized in 5 presentations, 2 training sessions and 2 workshop sessions. In the morning the Build Upon, SPP Regions and GreenProcA projects were presented as well as best practices from the Czech Republic on GPP law and a training session on GPP was held. Then the first workshop session began, in which the participants were divided into 3 groups.

Roundtable topics:

·       Financial instruments

·       Green Public Procurement

·       Awareness raising

In this session the participants identified barriers and discussed long-term objectives and expected outcomes. The speakers were Emilio Miguel Mitre - Coordinator of Build Upon (GBC España), David Dvorak - lawyer from the Czech Republic, an expert in GPP law, Dragomir Tsanev (EnEffect), Evelina Stoykova (Sofia Energy Centre) and Tamas Solymosi (Belgium) of the Covenant of mayors as one of the moderators of the roundtables.

In the afternoon the ICP Europe project was presented by Luis Castanheira and a second workshop session was held, in which the 3 roundtables identified opportunities to overcome the barriers and achieve the goals; defining specific recommendations to the government to help update the national deep renovation strategy for residential and commercial buildings.

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