The first Bulgarian BUILD UPON workshop was held on May 19th, 2016

The first Bulgarian BUILD UPON workshop was held on May 19th, 2016

On May 19th, 2016 in the Capital Fort office center was held the BUILD UPON workshop "Building skills and competence amoung various target groups aiming to increase knowledge and capacity for deep renovation of the existing building stock". The first of the six workshops was organized aiming to analyze the problems associated with knowledge, skills and competence of the various groups involved in the creation and implementation of the Bulgarian national deep renovation strategy and to propose measures to improve the level of competence of the stakeholders, which to be taken into account when drafting the updated version of the national strategy as they are expressing the views of a broader for spectrum of experts.

The programme of the event was organized in two parts – 6 presentations and 2 workshop sessions. In the morning part prominent experts presented best practices in the training of professionals in the field of low energy building - students, designers, builders, and the new law on vocational education and training. Build Up Skills EnerPro and Train-to-NZEB (The Building Knowledge Hubs) projects were presented as well, more information about them can be found in the database initiatives RenoWiki - information tool created by BUILD UPON.

In the afternoon the participants were divided into roundtables to identify obstacles and barriers to increasing the level of competence, ability to overcome these barriers and identifyossible future results, setting long-term national targets and proposing concrete measures and recommendations to the government. Each roundtable focused on one of the 4 identified target groups of participants in the process of deep renovation of existing buildings, who need skills and capacity building.

Roundtable topics:

·  Highly qualified construction professionals

·  Vocational education students and vocational training of construction workers

·  Education and training among non-specialists and awareness raising among the population

·  The public administration that serves the national strategy

Report can be seen here