Sustainability Forum Sofia 2014 - global platfrom for sustainable development and construction

Sustainability Forum Sofia 2014 - global platfrom for sustainable development and construction

More than 150 professionals, representing the government and public institutions, the global business, investors and project managers,  product manufacturers, architects, urban planners and designers,  energy efficiency experts, facility managers and academics and industry associations will gather to network, exchange ideas and discuss current  issues regarding sustainable construction and urban planning at the Sustainability Forum Sofia 2014, held traditionally during the World Green Building.

 This year the event was on 26 of September and was focused on the sustainable development of the construction sector. Topics of discussion were:

  • Policy, business and experts for sustainable construction
  • Tools for long term quality and sustainability assurance of real estate and infrastructure
  • Product and technologies in the context of sustainable construction
  • Best practices for sustainable construction

For the first time in Bulgaria, BGBC organized Sustainable Awards and DGNB Consultant Certificate Ceremony. The official award ceremony was one of the highlights of Sustainability Forum Sofia 2014. 

Ms Tanya Hristova - Myaor of Gabrovo Municipality was awared for her activities, encouringing sustainable development and construction.

ETEM Group was awarded for its Sustainability Corporate Policy.

Sopharma Building Towers is teh best sustainable project, according to BGBC. The project has DGNB Gold Certificate.


Sustainability Forum Sofia 2014 was intended to companies and experts in the con­struction field- architects, designers, engineers, planners, building enve­lope experts, facility managers, innovative  technologies manufacturers, representatives from building materials industry as well as mayors and representatives of local authorities, students and scientific workers.

The forum is a key event in the sustainable industry following the success of Sustainability Forum Sofia  World Green Building Week, an initiative of the World Green Building Council, which is celebrated annually by Green Building Councils worldwide to draw attention to the importance of more sustainable communities and built environment.