Transparent Building Selection. The DGNB Navigator: online platform for construction products

Transparent Building Selection. The DGNB Navigator: online platform for construction products


The DGNB Navigator is online platform for construction products. The platform supports architects, planners, owners and all those involved in one of the most important project phases – planning. An intelligent product search tool with well-defined filters delivers compressed, relevant results. The detailed information you need is available at a click. Or if you prefer, you can enter the individual registration code to jump directly to the detailed information page.

Here the product parameters are organized according to the DGNB evaluation areas. In addition, the DGNB Navigator delivers supplementary information such as product catalogues, CAD drawings and manufacturer contact information. You can create and save customized product lists for your various projects, allowing you to always have the different product features available at a glance. The DGNB Navigator is free to use.

“10 or 15 years ago, it was hard to obtain adequate information about the construction products. Many of the qualities which buildings should have and which are a prerequisite for sustainable buildings are defined in the detailed design. It is only when products are combined to make components that important qualities such as energy efficiency  etc become evident ”, said Prof. Alexander Rudolphi, President at German Sustainable Building Council.

“The DGNB Navigator is an unique online platform which makes construction products totally transparent. What makes sustainable construction so complex is the fact that simply adding up individual sustainable products doesn’t automatically result in a sustainable building. It always depend on specifying the right product, in the right quantity, in the right place and for the right use” said Dr Christine Lemaitre, Chief Executive Officer at German Sustainable Building Council.

From DGNB navigator you have easy access for construction products and can download products datasheets.

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Take advantage of its many features – and make quick and well-informed decisions that specifically assist in attaining DGNB certification.

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